Fall 2011 Kenjaali showed its first breeders group and the outcome was fantastic!
Best In Show-1 Breeders Group at the very first try!
But a breeder is not a breeder without their puppy buyers and really good friends
so big THANKS so everyone who helped out in the main ring!
Below is a presentation of several groups placements.

All dogs bred and/or owned by Kenjaali has their own Highlight pages.
Take a look at each dog to reda about their success.


Best In Show-2 Breeders Group
SKK Ronneby 2013

In beautiful Ronneby Kenjaalis breeders group placed as BIS-2. A great day with excellent results in both the breed- and final ring.


Best In Show-3 Breeders Group
SKK Hässleholm 2013

Once again a Kenjaali breeders group placed in the finals. BIS-3 in sunny Hässleholm.



Best In Show-4 Breeders Group
SKK Växjö 2012

Växjö was the place where I showed my first group and in was a total success.
This year we placed as BIS-4 and it felt like an equal success. The breeding is now amongst Top-10 ALL breeds in Sweden!



Best In Show-3 Breeders Group
SKK Sofiero 2012

Yet another placement for a Kenjaali breeders group. This time BIS-3 at the beautiful showgrounds at Sofiero.



Best In Show-1 Breeders Group
SKK Hässleholm 2012

For the third time we showed a group and for the third time we placed in the finals. This time at the very top - Best In Show!!!



Best In Show-3 Breeders Group
SKK Malmö 2012

For the second time ever I showed a group and it placed as BIS-3 in Malmö.
I have only bred 10 puppies during 8 years so the opportunity to get a group consisting of 4 dogs is not very easy. I'm so happy and proud!



Best In Show-2 Sibling class
SKK Malmö Valputställning 2011

At the puppy show in Malmö we presented a sibling group consisting of Johnny, Candie and Leyah and they placed as BIS-2!



Best In Show-1 Breeders Group
SKK Växjö 2011

For the very first time I got the opportunity to show a group. Breeding in small scale makes it harder, but  when we got the chance we made it big time - Best In Show!!!