Welcome to Kenjaali Basenjis!

The English version of this website is currently being updated. Hang in there - I'm working on it!

The breed has been with me since 1994 and the first litter was born in 2004.

With love for Basenjis, my bred puppies and their owners I  breed in a very small scale and to this date three litters has been born.
And there are always plans for the future ...

This page is about my own and my puppy buyers dogs, there everyday life and success in the showrings and lc fields.

The Basenji is an original breed, with all that comes in that package! It hunts, it yodles, it doesn't always obey when you demand it, but warms you when you need it. A Basenji always has a twinkle in their eye and if you have a great sense of humor and patience this breed might be for you!

/ Naranja